Perkins Primary 1125 apr 21

By Ember McElrath

The golf course is not just a great place to hit golf balls for Moriah Shropshire; it is her safe place and getaway.

“If I am angry, if I am just done with everything, I am at the course,” said Moriah. “You cannot always depend on people but the golf course will always be there.”

A junior at Perkins-Tryon High School, she grew up around sports so it was destiny that she play sports as well. She grew up playing softball and basketball but found golf in the seventh grade.

“It wasn’t until my freshman year of high school that I just completely fell in love with the game,” said Moriah. “I quit playing softball and basketball and put all my focus on golf.”

Moriah’s favorite golf memory would be when she won her first individual golf tournament as well as her team taking first at the tournament, too. Her most memorable golf moment was not winning anything, but actually getting hit in the head by a teammate.

“My teammate cried for a whole 20 minutes,” said Moriah. “No matter how many times I told her I was okay she would not stop crying.”

Being in love with golf does not stop her from being totally focused on school when she needs to be.

“My education has always been important to me so getting what I need done in school will always come first,” Moriah said. “I will usually get done with schoolwork quickly and with the daylight I have left I will go to the golf course.”

The person she most admires and looks up to would be her older brother Bay. He always works hard, treats everyone he meets like a friend, and is focused on his family.

“That is someone I want to be like,” said Moriah.

Being a junior does not deter her from making big future plans. She plans on attending college while still playing golf and working toward her pre-vet degree. From there she would like to finish her degree of veterinary medicine at Oklahoma State University.

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